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Welcome to KPIAS: Top IAS and Civil Service institute in AP and Telangana                       

Direct IAS

Direct IAS Coaching / Direct Civil services coaching is for the students who had already completed their graduation or post-graduation and are eligible to give their first attempt of civil services examination(CSE) conducted by UPSC. We have two Programmes under this, one is for Regular batch and the other is for Repeaters Intensive Batch (RIB).


Regular batch consist of new entries and it usually starts in the month of June every year. The classes are scheduled from morning till evening including optional classes.

  • 1. It also includes sessions on “How to read THE HINDU newspaper” and other newspapers and analysis of “Yojana and Kurukshetra “magazines.
  • 2. Day to day current affairs topics and editorial discussions which will be useful both for prelims and mains.
  • 3. Mains Answer writing practice and Essay Writing practice and Ethics case studies.
  • 4. Daily Tests and Weekend test for both Prelims and Mains.

Weekend Batches for working professionals

We have a meticulously designed schedule for the sake of working professional’s in our weekend batches who are aspiring to crack civil services examination (CSE).

Repeater’s Intensive Batch (RIB)

Consist of old students who have already given their attempt and yet to crack the CSE. It is a kind of rigorous revision program based on the pre-scheduled time table exclusively designed for the sake of our old batches.

Duration 18 Months (1 year coaching + 6 months test series)
Eligibility Graduation / Post Graduation
Fees Variable(Coaching + Materials + Test Series)
Available in Hyderabad (Ashok Nagar, KPHB) & Visakhapatnam
Facilities Free Wi-Fi, Mineral Water, Library, Computer Lab

Duration 18 Months (1 Year coaching + 6 months test series)
Eligibility Graduation / Post Graduation
Fees Variable(Coaching + Materials + Test Series)
Available in Hyderabad
Timings 8am - 5pm (Only on saturdays and sundays)
The strategy for RIB includes 2 Sessions:

a. January to May (Before Prelims Exam in June).
b. June to September (Before Mains Exam in September)

  • It consist of Daily Tests and weekend Test for Prelims including grand tests.
  • Test series for Mains (G.S + Optional)
  • Essay writing practice and Ethics case studies.
  • Feedback and explanation classes for the conducted examinations.
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